About us

Back in high school, I dove in head first as a production assistant/camera assistant working side by side with my uncle at the time who was a popular commercial photographer. He showed me the excitement and technique behind the camera at a very early age. My mind was a sponge and I wanted more. As time went on, all I wanted to pursue was capturing unique imagery, being involved in once and a life time opportunities that a camera can document.

Today, I have close to 20 years of experience in the TV/Video Production field. Living and working in the New York City area has fine tuned my skills and expertise. Having that “Stay Hungry” mentality that keeps me on my creative toes. Always seeking to get out of your comfort zone. I submerged myself in a variety of freelance work. Mixing my abilities throughout the years with a variety of TV Networks, Advertising/Public Relation/Marketing Agencies, and other TV Production Companies, I was able to work with professionals that have helped me transition into cultivating my own business structure. The mentality of “Surround yourself with good people” paid off. With that in mind, I wanted to take that leap of faith. Expand my horizons. All or nothing. In 2005 I formed by own business. 55 Productions, LLC was produced.

55 Productions continues ten plus years to be always evolving. It has to be innovative. It has to be budget friendly. Quality has to be foremost. Keep it simple, Offer solutions when others can not. 55 Productions is truly an ever growing 4K TV Production, 4K Post Production and Digital Photography Company.

55 Productions Services include the following: Commercials, Documentaries, Live Streaming, Broadcast Press Packages/EPK, Pharmaceutical Videos, Corporate Videos, Training Videos, Special Events, PSA's, and Sporting Events.

Our quality and creativity shows in every frame.

Our company’s values and services are simple; give each client 100% satisfaction while providing the best quality, detail, creativity, and utilizing the latest technology.

-Brian Nitto