Testing 1, 2, ...3

Starting a blog might be the hardest thing to do when running a small business but it's must.
(On a side note:I promise in the next week or two, to provide update to date posts of the some what craziness of a freelance cameraman.)
Trust me, it's craziness, It's like the Wild West. Ok, I'll pull it back and tone it down. There are days I get urgent calls to go shoot an event with celebrities with a hours notice and then days I do lil' side projects that are equally entertaining as well. I use the broad term cameraman for myself cause I hate describing that not only I shoot photos but I do a equal share of TV/Video camera work. People get somewhat confused at this topic. Most often, I hear, "I thought you can only do one thing at a time"? Wrong, Wrong and wrong again. In this day and age, you can do more. What job makes you do just one thing? I feel like Corp. America just wants to milk your skills to it's dry. I have never since I joined the work force at the age of 14 done just one task. Everybody wants more bang for their buck. It's the American way, Right? It's always been all or nothing. Running and jumping, cover a wide variety of whatever and whenever. You have to multi-task or your unemployed. Budget cuts, No budget, Could you do us a favor, NOBODY HAS MONEY, BIG BUSINESS DOESN"T WANT TO SPEND...I hear this daily. In this economy for the last 10 years, it's sink or swim. Up shits creek without a paddle. Well, that was me and my career after 9-11 for 10 months but when your faced with issues, you dig deep and carry on. Get a battle plan and stick to it. Kept my eye on the prize ever since. With that in mind, I consider myself a "EMT" to media. On call 24/7, ready to run at a moments notice. It happens daily.

With technology, skies the limit these days. I fell in love with both worlds (Cinema, Photography, Video, Visual Manipulation-I like this word a lot) when I was in my teens and never looked back. In 2007, I tried blending the 2 career paths and 2009 it became a full time reality. If I am not shooting stills, I am shooting video. I say, if you can do one, you can do the other. There are certain shades of grey in that comment but for the most part, you can pull it off. Just way more technical when it comes to video. Now a days, Video means not just framing or pull focus, it's checking audio levels, lighting, producing, directing, etc. It's telling a story. You need a broad knowledge of Production and Post Production (the end product) to be deliver quality. This is my daily. Stick with me folks, I'll keep you in the loop.

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